Do NOT Hire Rapid Remodeling or Steve Elia!

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Steve and Corene Elia of Rapid Remodeling were paid in full for a 2nd story addition project and from the very start the shower installed leaked profusely. It took one full year of phone calls and complaints to get Steve to come and address the issue. He only caulked the shower door and dismissed my concerns that this was something more. Repeated emails and phone calls were not returned when the caulking did nothing to remedy the situation. Finally, another entire year later, I got Steve to show up and replace the sheet rock that had become moldy and crumbly, and again he insisted that I had nothing more to worry about than a leaky shower door. This week I started to hear dripping in the walls when the shower was used and the carpet in one of our medical offices is constantly damp creating a mold and health problem for our clients. Steve told me on the phone yesterday that he would be over soon to cut a hole in the sheet rock so we could take a look but he never showed and now won't return my calls. Nor will Corene at the alternate number. I even drove over to the business front and the refused to come to the door when I knocked although I saw them looking out the windows at me.

As if this weren't enough, their were many other deficiencies in their work. My siding they installed started falling off less then two years later. They forgot an electrical wire that hangs INSIDE the apartment and refused to fix it. The gutters were not installed right so the water comes out cracks around the downspout rather than via the down spout itself. The trim on the external siding was extremely sloppy without right angles or fitting tightly. The door jamb was installed without any support below the metal trim piece such that it became dented with the first step on it. And this is the abbreviated list! Steve's well used quote to me is "Well i'll admit that..." this or that need attention, but then doesn't follow through on what he "admits" is shoddy. I don't know if this is blatant lying or if he is procrastinating following through on his promises seeing how much he can get away with. And Rapid Remodeling stole my shovel, and although this may have been an accident, they did not return it as they promised when I called their attention to it.

A Police Report has been filed with the Battle Ground PD for theft and Warranty Breach - case 12-1043.

A complaint has been filed with the BBB and with WA State Department of Labor and Industries.

Do NOT hire Steve or Corene Elia or Rapid Remodeling, also doing business as Rapid Construction.

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:cry Yipes! Enough to make you cry.

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